Meet The Co-Stars!

Joel SomeoneWho could ask for a better partner in a porno cherry popping than Joel Someone? He certainly breaks me in well, definitely putting me in my place! Blowjob, squirting, verbal, and lots of sloppy fucking! A candid first time meeting, it truly was lust at first thrust! I’ll forever be grateful for Joel and Ryan Stanford, the videographer of our scene, for making me feel so comfortable during my first shoot! I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to getting my guts rearranged in front of a camera.
“Joel Someone Breaks in Haskell Holland”

Alexa Scout – I had the absolute pleasure of getting to play with the gorgeous and amazing Alexa Scout! Not only did she make my first T4T scene one of a kind, but I also had a blast hanging out with her outside of shooting our scene! She is seriously so sweet & beyond beautiful not to mention she is amazing 2 have sex with… :0) Watch us suck each other off before we get loud & sloppy as Alexa slams her gorgeous girl dick into my tight wet boy pussy while I worship her perfect tits! – Lots of dirty talk and verbal sex as always, because I promise 2 never be quiet when my guts are being rearranged!
“Alexa Scout Fucks My Boy Pussy”

Santino Cruz – I have not one, but two scenes with this incredible hunk! When I saw him for the first time online, I knew that cock had to be incredible, but I would’ve never guessed we would end up having such amazing chemistry! I truly felt so comfortable and connected to him, and I think both of our scenes absolutely display that. With Santino, you can always count on the sex to be fiery, flirty, and filled with passion! Splitting me open, spreading me out, and making me cum until I’m a dripping mess is always on the list of when we get together.
“Spread Me Out, Split Me Open”
“I Missed You”
“He Asked For It”

Stevie Trixx – Another person I have more than one scene with! Stevie and I’s birthdays are only a few days apart, so for our latest scene(s) we made a Scorpio series to celebrate both of our special days! I have had nothing but a wonderful time spending time with sweet Stevie, he’s truly the perfect person to crush over and feel comfortable around! Our first time together includes a rendezvous of head swapping and strap on fucking, while our Scorpio series explores more kinkier content such as feet worshipping, spanking, and finger fucking!
“A T4T Rendevous with Stevie Trixx” 

Mason Lear – Now this is someone who’s dick you just want to immediately jump on to. I had been dying to see Mason for quite some time,  so when I saw he was in LA I couldn’t even hesitate on the chance to take that curvy cock – Making out & starting off by eating me out, we work our way up to having his dick in my throat before he takes me to pound town!  He definitely knows how to work a boy pussy well, leaving me a squirting whimpering mess pumped full of his load by the end! He is definitely someone I know I need another round with… >:^)

When finding out one can only zoom over there and welcome him with open legs and a hungry hole ! I had such a one of a kind time with him the first time we made a scene together, so I was ecstatic when he hit me up to let me know he’d be in LA & he wanted 2 use me >:^) Making out and picking up right where we left off the first time, I take off my shorts and lay back, ready for him to devour my pussy with that mouth and tongue ! He then has me take his cock in varying positions, as I whimper & moan and beg to be split in half ! Now the real question is, when’s part 3?
“Hotel Hookup Hotshot Rails My Tight & Wet Boy Pussy” 
“A Risqué Reunion”

Valeria Atreides – Personally one of my favorite people I have worked with,  gorgeous and one of a kind Valeria Atreides and I have had such a wonderful time hanging out together. Off set and during shooting, I admire her and enjoy her presence so much! Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she is also incredibly remarkable – We have 3 scenes together, involving exploring kinks such as masochism with spanking, vibrators, and clit torturing, along with a special video I am still honored to be a part of – Being a part of her first t4t topping scene! She is such a hottie and creative co star, and our scenes together definitely show that.

“Pain Slut Playdate”
“Punishment & Restrainment”
“Valeria Atreides Tops Haskell Holland”

Jacob Fisher
– Meeting his girlfriend on Twitter at the end of 2019 and I would’ve never expected to become such close friends with them both! Not only is Jacob an amazing porno performer, but he is also a fantastically talented videographer and editor! I’ve had two photoshoots with him, which you can access via my Onlyfans. In our Halloween themed video together, I got to explore and learn much more about videography, while I was also beyond honored as I was Jacob’s scene partner in his first official boy/boy video! Our first time having sex recorded on camera for your viewing pleasure, you won’t wanna miss out on the sloppy deep throating and rough boy pussy pounding even for a second!

Jacking off can be so much better with friends, wouldn’t you agree ? Hence why I just had to get Austin, Jacob & I together! In this scene, I wake up from a good nap and am happily surprised 2 be greeted by hottie Austin Spears, who must’ve been watching me touch myself because he joins right away, ready to touch & tease me >:^) We grind and grip as much as we can, pulling off each others clothes before we get another guest, Jacob Fisher ! Soon, three’s no crowd when all 3 of us can’t get enough of each other, austin & i sharing jacob’s cock inside our mouths before we take turns taking it in our boy pussies – Plenty of different positions, as austin & i taste and touch each other while jacob takes turns railing us both until we’re covered in spit & slobber !
“Halloween Hookup w/ Jacob Fisher”
“Three’s No Crowd” 

Lowlita / Daizy Cooper – When Lowlita hit me up to express interest in filming together, I was so beyond excited and flattered! She is such a one of a kind performer and person, so being able to be in her presence and share our flesh together was absolutely amazing. She is so sweet, sexy, creative, and a total treasure! In Spanking Sluts Switch Off, I finger fucked her extra good and she made sure to spank me while I wear my pup hood, that is of course after I had my way with spanking her!
“Spanking Sluts Switch Off” 

Nick – When this hung hottie hit me up to see if I wanted to take his cock, I immediately knew I was in. Or should I say I knew I wanted him inside of me? He was too hot too resist, and when we started making out & he pulled out his hung cock it was game over! Watch him rail & wreck his FIRST EVER boy pussy! I felt so lucky to show this hunk just how wet & tight I really am, oof!
“Hung Hottie Fucks First Boy Pussy” 

Austin Spears – This blonde bombshell is a total dreamboat, and I felt especially lucky to be able to taste and touch him on such a windy, wonderful walk! With plenty of spanks, making out, and sloppy head swapping, Austin and I take a windy day and make it into a naughty one, where we make do with nature and fuck however we possibly can.

Jacking off can be so much better with friends, wouldn’t you agree ? Hence why I just had to get Austin, Jacob & I together! In this scene, I wake up from a good nap and am happily surprised 2 be greeted by hottie Austin Spears, who must’ve been watching me touch myself because he joins right away, ready to touch & tease me >:^) We grind and grip as much as we can, pulling off each others clothes before we get another guest, Jacob Fisher ! Soon, three’s no crowd when all 3 of us can’t get enough of each other, austin & i sharing jacob’s cock inside our mouths before we take turns taking it in our boy pussies – Plenty of different positions, as austin & i taste and touch each other while jacob takes turns railing us both until we’re covered in spit & slobber !
“T4T Outdoor Fuck” 
“Three’s No Crowd” 

Evgeny – This Russian hottie is definitely someone you want to see what he does best – a professional masseur, watch Evgeny rub me down till I’m left a moaning mess ! On my back and stomach, I get finger fucked from behind and my face slapped around ! Plenty of sloppy dick sucking & face fucking too – His first boy pussy & my first erotic massage, needless to say we both got to learn something new >:^)
“Hunky Masseur’s First Boy Pussy”

Lance Charger – Everyone wants a piece of this daddy, and I’m definitely someone who needed my fair share. I have loved having the opportunity to create a plot for our scene, so having him as my teacher while I was a student in need of an extra lesson seemed like a perfect fit. Lance truly is the best teacher, because after calling me in for an after school meeting, and telling me there have been some issues at school lately – that being that there are complaints revolving around me flirting with all the boys as school! So like the good teacher he is, Lance is happy to give me some extra help! Of course I want to be the best student ever, so I decide to show off just exactly what I’ve learned so far! – Extra verbal & sloppy throat fucking & boy pussy wrecking! Plenty of angles & positions, not to mention eye contact and dirty talk, sprinkled with my multi orgasmic self, as I squirm, squirt & scream as my tight & wet cunt gets drilled deep by this delicious daddy dick – It’s all just what you can expect in this X rated after school special!
“An Extra Lesson” 

“He Asked For It”

Stacy Sadistic – How can one person be so sadistic but so sweet? Just as Stacy Sadistic, because I truly had the best time feeling a few different videos with her! Pup Play, A workout themed toy time, and a CNC scene – You don’t want to miss out on the amazing talent and sexiness of this wonderful woman ! She is so professional and considerate, I truly learned so much from her and felt so comfortable the entire time. I’m still left feeling so lucky I got to work with her, and I can’t wait for all our scenes to come out!
“Perky Puppy Blowjob”
“Erotic Athlete Training”

Jessy Dubai – How can I just write a simple summary about Jessy Dubai? Gorgeous and beyond talented, Jessy has a super sexy body and a perfect girl cock meant for wrecking boy pussies. We had been talking for awhile, but once we were finally able to secure a date to film together I was so beyond excited! We definitely had an amazing time, doing what T4T hotties do best – swapping head, 69ing, and her girl dick wrecking my boy pussy until I’m a whimpering mess ready to take her load inside of me.
“Her Girl Dick Inside of His Boy Pussy”

Rebecca Vanguard – How sweet and sexy can one person be? Just ask Rebecca Vanguard, because her smile will light up the room just as much as her personality and performance will. Delicious and divine, Rebecca was such a blast to hang out with and I truly couldn’t get enough of tasting and touching her. When I asked if she would be interesting in coordinating a plot for our scene, she was all for it – With ideas in mind, Rebecca was the perfect porn girlfriend ! After coming home from a long day out, my girlfriend Rebecca hopes to try out her new toys with me. I’m too busy playing video games to even care, but with some proper convincing, she gets me to share a dildo with her and we make sure to swap head – If you’ve ever wanted 2 see me be more dominant, then I definitely recommend checking out this video for a lot of dirty talk & sloppy sensuality!
“Impossible to Ignore” 

Will Tantra – If you’re ever looking for a perfect mix of down to earth and sexy as ever, Will Tantra is your guy! Super experienced and educated, his work revolves around tantric fitness and connecting to your body sexually. When we decided to shoot a special series, I could hardly even wait! Our 3 part series, ‘Sexual and Intimate Relationships with Transgender Men and Trans Masculine People,’ features a perfect mixture of education and eroticism, as I begin with talking about common misconceptions and terminology within the trans community. In part 2, I show Will just exactly the way I love to be pleased with fingers, a mouth, & a cock! Finally, in our last scene together, we put all the principles into practice and get down and dirty, both of us having multiple orgasms galore! The chemistry was truly uncanny.
“Sexual & Intimate Relationships w/ Trans Men + Trans Masculine People (PART 1)”
“Practicing Principles of Pleasuring Your Trans Partner (PART 2)”
“Sex & Sensuality (PART 3)”

Carson Cruise – Sometimes the people who mostly bottom can make the best tops, because they know just exactly how to treat a hungry hole. Just ask the bubble butt cutie Carson Cruise! With a veiny cock and a gorgeous gaze, Carson is beyond dreamy and worth drooling over. With plenty of dirty talk and nonstop moans, you can definitely say I was left pumped extra full with a luscious load. Don’t miss out on this frisky fuck fest with varying positions and close ups of a cunt that won’t stop gripping.
“Carson Cruise Cums Inside My Cunt”

Barret Dean – Pussy eating, cock sucking, sheet soaking, bed squeaking ! it’s all just part of what u can expect when u put Barret Dean & I 2gether ! We had been talking for awhile now, so when we finally got 2 get 2gether I was so honored and excited 2 b his first boy pussy ! I had no idea he was going 2 b so rough & verbal, & if any of you rly know me then you’ll understand just why that works out as a perfect match 4 me >:^) Or if you really want 2 find out, just look at our chemistry and you’ll know right away !
“Barret Dean Makes Me Scream”
“Barret Dean Back Inside of Me”

BradonFilm If u couldn’t tell by all my motions & moans, then let me just tell u now that Brad knows exactly just how 2 worship a hole and cock & treat me just right! In this scene, we literally couldn’t keep our hand off each other even if we tried ! With kissing & chemistry off the  charts, Brad gets down to business by going down on me after I’ve given his cock a good tease into my throat – With such a long, luscious cock & a sweet stare, it’s no wonder Brad made me cum so much! Can you even try to keep count? Finishing up with an overflow of cum, his thick load drips out of me after being pumped in balls deep inside my cunt! I definitely expect more Brad in my future xoxo
“Brad Busts Open My Boy Pussy”

BlaksynWhen i tell you had a one of a kind time hanging out with this hottie cutie, I mean it in absolutely every sense ! not only is Blaksyn skilled in dominance, but they are also a total down to earth sweetheart – so talented & knowledgable !After seeing their content and chatting for awhile, I knew we would be a perfect match & I’d be in for an extra special treat – but I couldn’t ever anticipate our chemistry & connection ! Kissing, rope & restraint, sloppy cock worshipping & plenty of impact play before they rail me w/ their thick cock ! – I feel so lucky that my pain slut persona was able 2 find such an amazing person to match my love for masochism w/ a babe who loves giving pain just as much!
“Bound & Busted Open by Blaksyn”

Jeremy Lucido I’d been chatting with Jeremy Lucido for awhile now, so when we finally got together I knew I was in for a sloppy session of throat fucking and pussy bashing – Like the title suggests, I absolutely love to have the opportunity to introduce people into just how amazing boy pussy is >:^) Of course no one is the same, so I was beyond excited to give him an full access pass into my tight and wet hole – If you couldn’t tell by his expressions, I think it’s safe 2 say he’s a fan of my hole ! And if you couldn’t tell by my squirms and screams, I definitely was a fan of him as well ! xoxo
“Jeremy’s First Boy Pussy”

Avery JonesAfter getting to know this cutie and have fun with him, I think it’s safe to say I have a favorite twink! Adorable and angelic, and with a gorgeous glow, Avery Jones is definitely one to watch and worship! With a blindfold 2 start and chemistry off the charts, Avery starts off by taking care of my cunt with his tongue before using his fingers until we have four of them inside – Enough to open me up before his perfect cock splits me in half – Eventually taking off the blindfold bcuz I’m dying 2 look at him as he wrecks my insides, he pounds me in a variety of positions before busting a luscious load inside of my hungry hole :’0)
“Plowed & Blown by Avery Jones”

Adam Surge – What could be more dreamy than waking up next to the handsome hottie that is Adam Surge? We have that good ol morning conversation starting off with asking how we slept with lots of cuddles, before we start smooching and touching each other nonstop – Mutual dick sucking, sloppy pussy eating, nibbling on nipples, and even some penis to pussy penetration ! I show Adam just exactly how tight, wet, & multi-orgasmic I am with a series of spontaneous squirting until he blows a load while I ride his face ! What a sweetheart he is, because he knew I wasn’t done! finishing off with a terrific toy he brought along, we come to the perfect conclusion with some cunt wrecking and pussy pounding <3
“A Sunday Servicing with Adam Surge”

Avatar Akyia – You know when you’re just starting to talk to someone & immediately can tell that they’d split you in half and you just can’t stop thinking about it? Well that is definitely the case w/ Avatar Akyia, who I’ve been flirting with 4 ages ! Finally visiting LA, he made sure to put me into his schedule so he can get balls deep inside my hole -Eating my pussy out before I gargle and drool all over his thick cock, we become well acquainted and within a matter of time he’s ripping my hole in half, pumping and pounding into me as I cum countlessly, squirting and squealing like the pathetic fuck toy I am :^) I always beg people wrecking me to put me in my place and show me whoses in charge, and I can confidently say after our time together that he definitely knows how to treat a sloppy slut right!
“Wet & Wild”

Zuri Love – After following each other for what feels like years, I finally was able to play with the gorgeous Zuri Love when I went up north for my first tour ! Time translated via tempting touches, we get right to it with making out and giving each other some head – Two scissoring, squealing, and squirming sluts meant 2 unite, we melt into a pure pleasure until I finish off by fucking their adorable mouth as they squeal with delight, gazing as me with their gorgeous doe eyes!
“An Overdue Rendezvous”


Zaddy BigD – What’s a better way to welcome a handsome hottie to their new home in Hollywood than to squirt all over their dick? It’s honestly hard to even think of an alternative once you get a hold of this cunt heheheh – Zaddy recently moved to LA, & I was beyond honored to hear I was his first hole in his new home ! Not only that, but I was ecstatic to find out I was the first squirting slut he’d ever been with – Boy did he cum 2 the right person ! >:^) Leave it to me to cum all over his cock countless times, squirting and squirming like the sloppy, serving slut I am ! We get down and dirty with some making out before he moves down to my pussy and devours my cock and hole, making sure to slip fingers inside while he tastes his meal – Wouldn’t you want to taste what you’re going to tear open too ? >:^) Returning the favor by plopping his thick bone into my puppy mouth, I get to work on slurping & worshipping his perfect cock as far as it can possibly fit – I have to make sure to get it hard & wet before it slips inside of me after all ! Thick as a log, Zaddy gets to work on my plowing my pleading pussy in different positions, ripping open my walls before finishing off with a thick & heavy load pumped straight into my hungry hole
“Zaddy’s First Squirter”

Donut Pupper – Two pups, one bed. what do you imagine happens next? Donut Pupper & I are just 2 doggies who both want 2 prove they’re top dog – Donut tries to make himself known by taking up the entire bed, but I’m not having it! Wrestling, growling, and humping, we begin to fight for dominance before taking turns going down on each other, nibbling and nuzzling each others bones ! Finishing off with 69ing as I ride his face and he sucks the hell out of my clit, who do you think is top dog?
“A Dog Eat Dog World”

Dick Hamby – It truly was lust at first sight when I saw Loading Zone, Dick Hamby for the first time – I just knew somehow I’d find a way 2 worship that cock and feel it inside of me >:^) my NorCal trip truly wouldn’t be complete without Dick ! Making out and getting hot and heavy, I get on top of Dick before grinding my way into getting his pants off, before worshipping and sucking every inch of his perfect cock ! On all fours and moved to my back, I finally have my fantasy fulfilled when he sticks his way inside of me – an endless array of positions and pleasure, I take his cock in every motion I can, of course losing track of how much I cum before he leaks his load into me – his username truly lives up to the title, because I definitely became one hell of a loading zone with that thick fucking load pumped inside of me :^)
“Dick’d Down”

Pablo Strokes – Now this is a scene I’ve absolutely been aching to release ! Even though we filmed this scene a few months ago, I still have to say this is one of my favorite scenes yet! An absolute smiling sweetheart with a name that speaks for itself, Pablo Strokes has a stroke game out of this world ! I worship every inch of his thick, long cock, introducing it to the back of my throat balls deep, until I’m a choking, crying mess ! His dick fills me up so fucking good, my cunt can’t help but cream & cry over how much it’s being torn open >:^) I truly have never seen my pussy so creamy and noisy before, and Pablo is the perfect pal to pump my walls open as my cunt cums countless times – Definitely a hook up for the books, I just love when cocks leave my pussy so wrecked that I feel like there’s a dent in the back of my cunt ;^)
“Pablo Strokes Inside of Me”

Edison Garrett – After what seems like ages of talking & planning, dream boy Edison Garrett & finally were able to get together ! I’ve been dying to see him and shoot with him, so when I finally got to feel him I knew I was in for days of fun ! getting intimate with smooches and touches, Edison lays me down to get to work on worshipping my pussy – I had a feeling he’d be a perfect pussy pleaser >:^) licking and lapping up my cunt, he teases his dick against mine before pushing his way in – humping my hole in varying positions while I make to sure to keep cumming on his cock, he pumps and dumps his luscious load into me, leaving me a filled mess !
“Edison Garrett Humps My Hole”

Brock Banks – Making out with a hunky hottie like Brock Banks , how could u not kiss & tell ?! He teases & touches me just right, rubbing his hands between my legs, spreading me out and pulling off my shorts just to feast on my hungry hole – Shoving his fingers into me before we get more cozy, i serve his feet and work my way up to his worshipping his cock until i’m a sloppy mess >:^) From there he takes me to pound town, railing me in a variety of positions as i cum all over his cock again & again & again until he cums inside my cunt, leaving a creamy gift in the back of my pussy
“Begging for a Breeding”

Collin Merp – Truly no amount of anticipation could’ve prepared me 4 my time with the one of a kind cutie, Collin Merp ! Not only did i have the pleasure of shooting with him, but he also got to spend a few days with me in my bed >:^) Between all the cuddles & kisses, I just knew our time together was one for the books, & if you don’t believe me, just watch this video ! Embracing eroticism & intimacy, Collin & I make out & move around before I worship his perfectly thick & long cock, making sure to treat him like the royalty he is ! Before long, he’s inside of me & we switch positions as I continue to squeal, squirm, and squirt countless times – plenty of angles & an array of orgasms, the load Collin leaves inside of me was one of many I won’t ever be forgetting
“Bred in the Bedroom”

Lance Navarro – Back in July, I took my very first trip out of state for a shoot in ATL, and if that wasn’t a treat enough, wait till you find out what happened when I discovered Lance Navarro was in town at the same time as me ! I’ve had a crush on Lance for absolute ages, and getting to work with him was an absolute dream cum true ! Making out, worshipping his thick cock as I gag all over it, inflating inside my throat all before switching me into a variety of positions as he pounds me open and pumps me full !
“A Hole Away from Home”

Sherman Maus – If talking to Sherman Maus for years isn’t dreamy & exciting enough, imagine finally getting to not only see your crush in the flesh, but get your guts split in half by him too >:^) Incomparable chemistry and array on erotic intimacy, Maus & I make out before he takes off my shorts and digs into his meal, using his tongue and mouth to eat every piece of my pussy he can get ! He finger fucks me and I worship his cock , all before flipping through varying positions as he makes me cum over and over like the pathetic slut I am, making me take every inch of his big dick – rough and risqué, this is a hunk I truly can’t get enough of ! After pumping me full of cum, sadistic Maus & my masochistic ol’ self know we’re both not even close 2 being done yet ! Restraining me with his toys placed to the side, he uses them on me one by one, torturing me with paddle spanks & wire hanger beatings on my clit , I’ll do anything 2 prove just how much of a pain slut I am >:^) Maus moves on to using his big toys on my tight hole and shoving his huge wand in my helpless hole, leaving me absolutely spread & split open, a squealing & squirming masochistic mess !
“Maneuvered by Maus”
“Tortured, Tickled, & Teased”

Fabiana Fox – I’ve had a crush on the handsome hottie Fabiana Fox for what feels like ages now, so naturally, goin to vegas he was first on my list of priorities of who I wanted 2 hang & film with ! with eyes that arouse you in themselves, Fabiana gives me that look & I know i’m a total goner ! We get hot and steamy by starting off with making out, till we pull the clothes off each other & take turns eating each other out ! I make sure 2 worship his perfect chest & he sucks the life out of my dick while fingering my hole oooof ! I tease him with fingers and my vibrator, while he returns the favor using a device on my dick & a toy to pump into my hole, we make sure 2 leave each other satisfied, followed by plenty of snuggles afterwards!
“T4T Sluts Switch Off”


Adrian Hart – A cunning cock & a gorgeous gaze, finally getting together with the alluring Adrian Hart was everything I could’ve wanted & more! Making out and swapping head, we made sure 2 get each other nice and hard before he slips his way inside of me with that perfectly long dick, ready to hit the back of my cunt – Making me squirt and squirm while I squeal & scream, watch & enjoy my time with Adrian as he wrecks me open & treats me like the fuck toy I am !
“Adrian Hart Splits Me Apart”

Zelda Spellmen – A magical mouth, a tantalizing touch, put me under Zelda Spellmen’s spell & I’m beyond sweetly satisfied ! I love T4T time for a variety of reasons, but one of my favorites is how much of a connection there always is & how well we can pleasure each other right off the bat ! We make out before she eats me out, then I get between those gorgeous thighs before I’m flipped over and she’s pushing her way inside of me in whatever positions we please !
“Speak & Spellmen”

Jonah Wheeler – Out of all the people i’ve talked 2 eagerly awaiting the time we get to come together, Jonah Wheeler may just be at the very top of my list – I’ve had a crush on him ever since I laid eyes, so of course the moment I knew he’d be coming 2 Los Angeles I knew I was in for a one of a kind treat – Chemistry right off the bat, we smooch & snuggle it up before he starts to rub between my legs, taking off my pants so he can get a good look & lick at my starving boy pussy – I finally get a taste of that cock I’ve been dreaming of before he dives into my hole and turns me into the squirming, squirting, squealing, slut I am ! Finish off with a delicious cream pie that he makes sure to taste and savor >:^)
“Wait is Over”

Jake Tremblay – Put two magnetic masochists together & pain is almost always preferred >:^) I always love playing with other pain sluts because we know just how to please each other ! making out and swapping oral, I tie Jake up and tease + t*rture his cock & balls, all while slapping & scratching him as much as I can ! whining & whimpering, I rub my vibrator against his throbbing, t*rtured tool before I slip it inside my pussy – On to my turn as Jake ties me up as he uses my vibrator on my sensitive clit, all before slipping & sliding his way inside of me until I’m busted into like the cum dumpster fuck toy I am
“Two To Tie Up With Jake Tremblay”