A Summary To My Sexuality 

Sexually, I am a complete and utter submissive bottom, you could even say I’m known to turn anyone into a top once they’re done with me! However, with certain people I truly enjoy bringing out my more dominant side thus you will see me that side of me occasionally make an appearance. Cum dumpster, fuck toy, and pain slut are all titles I resonate with strongly. I’m a super verbal performer, and I love being able to express myself via an array of moans, whimpers, and grunts, all whilst having someone overpower me. A divine dirty talker and a dedicated dick worshipper, I absolutely love to be dominated and used. I love to be restricted while vulnerable, and I believe pleasure and pain are a perfect pairing. I’m known to be able to cum over and over again, a total multi orgasmic mess! Sloppy and slutty, you’ll truly lose track of how many times I cum, shake, and squirt everywhere. I’m all for expressing myself vocally and through my facial expressions, and I absolutely love being completely taken over, where I can consensually and safely test myself, whether it be having my throat bashed till I have no more room left for air, or getting my tight, wet boy pussy wrecked open till I’m a dripping, blabbering mess! I’m very open sexually, but I’m not comfortable with anal play. Watch just one of my videos, and you’ll see exactly why I’m everything you’re looking for.