My name is Haskell Holland, and I’m 23 years old, bisexual, trans, & I‘m an absolute slut for intimacy intertwined with imagination

An adult content creator, ambiguous artist, ceramics major, & an overall fruit snack lovin’ fella

Transturbation / Haskell Holland was born in 2017, when I first began creating trans pornography

** My content features co stars of multiple gender identities – targeted negativity and exclusionary expressions will not be tolerated **

With the work that I create, whether it be the porn I produce or artistic endeavors such as ceramics, drawing, and graphic design, I strive to contribute to the celebration of sexuality. As I aim to provide a one of a kind experience to my viewers and clients, I also aspire to uplift trans people through a perspective of genuineness and an appreciation for lust.

Depicting realistic rendezvous through imagination integrated into intimacy; I hope to not only deliver mutual desires, but also to fulfill all your fantasies!

Sloppy, Slutty, Verbal & Vocal, Submissive, Masochistic, Fuck Toy, Cum Dumpster – What more could you possibly ask for?

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